The engagement and trust of the users is notably higher than in other media.

We offer users the ability to connect with their environment in a direct way.

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5 steps

01 We identify the type of client
02 We identify the objective
03 We segment the communities
04 We generate and optimize content
05 Real-time measurement
Brands and products
We generate outreach from a local point of view to increase interaction with us.
Take the reach of your news to another dimension. We generate traffic to media and online blogs of different topics.
Communication agencies
Manage your clients' reputation or brand campaigns.

Increase interaction with users.

Generate need in my users.

Positive reinforcement of brand image.

Clicking on my websites.

Reach more users.

Generate as many impressions as possible.

According to the objective we have defined and the location of the client, we will establish a segmentation of the communities:
Theme: What is being talked about in our communities?
Entertainment 48,52%
Sports 42,36%
Gourmet 2,77%
Economy 2,57%
Technology 1,62%
News 1,01%
Health 0,46%
Fashion 0,35%
Sex 0,34%
Men 60%
Women 40%
35 - 44 27%
25 - 34 25%
45 - 54 19%
55 - 64 14%
+65 7%
18 - 24 7%
13 - 17 1%

For best results, we must focus on messages with local particularities, which awaken the attention and sense of belonging of our users. Therefore, TGI’s creative and content team offers advice to customers.


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